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Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
late last night behind the hamilton center school. we're live in northeast washington with the latest. >> smoke and flames brought authorities to hamilton school in northeast washington. they found the burning taxicab and body and a mystery as to why the cab was back there. it was business as usual at hamilton school today but last night in a fenced in area school parking lot. a lincoln taxicab crashed into a ditch and burst into flames. the removed an unidentified dead man from the vehicle. the crash burned trees around this fence between hamilton school on one side and dormitories at gheit @ -- gallaudet university for the deaf. so far no identification of the victim. we have asked members of the large taxicab community if they have heard of anyone missing. neither the commission are companies like this one that uses lincoln's has. a you concern? >> we are. we cannot know until we have the information. >> school staffers told us that after hours, the parking lot is a hangout for homeless people and the scene of illicit activity. area residents agree. >> people come and come back in
Nov 19, 2012 2:30pm PST
obama becomes a first- inning president to visit burma. but >> lewis hamilton wins the u.s. grand prix. >> ban ki moon has arrived in cairo in support of the cease- fire between israel and hamas. >> the exiled leader of hamas says they must take the first up a bit want the truce in israel. they will consider a cease-fire in israel and their attacks and the siege of gaza. >> israel has bombed building and at least 90 people have been killed and some 700 wounded since the air strikes began. >> the bombardment of gaza continues. israeli defense forces are picking targets they say it are connected to palestinian militants. the billionaire also among the latest casualties. across the border in israel, ground troops are massing in preparations for a possible invasion. israel has no mobilize and 40,000 reservists. elsewhere, diplomats are attempting to broker a ceasefire. in jerusalem, middle east peace envoy tony blair met with perez to stop the rocket attacks. >> it is clear we do not have any ambition to gain an advantage but we just want to stop the fire. >> more than 1000 rockets have be
Nov 9, 2012 4:30am PST
chief meteorologist was such an amazing photographer. we have snow on mt. hamilton this morning and temperatures are in the 30s in some cities. what a difference a couple ofç days make and look at all that moisture still coming down in the south bay. we'll be fair game for showers on and off throughout the day at that. we'll time them out on your doorstep. slick roadways mean dangerous driving conditions. with mike inouye. >> it's only 4:32 and look at the roadways, very, very light flow of traffic. here's the 880/280 interchange. i was looking for an accident which just reported cleared now from the roadway, south 880 to northbound 280, that connector, that is cleared. but northbound 17 off the bottom of your screen there's an accident there approaching the interchange and 101 southbound at blossom hill, that is just clearing from the roads. three in the southç bay at thi time, that's unusual. back to you. >>> new this morning, new video of a massive fire at a house in san francisco. take a look at this. the fire starting last night at the city's monterey heights neighborho
Comedy Central
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm PST
a at a time. >> an atheist in religion and a fanatic in politics by alexander hamilton of whom jefferson responded after saying that they were daily pitted in the cabinet like two cocks constantly at each other. >> jon: sure. (laughter) that will happen in a cabinet. (laughter) >> pressing on -- >> jon: please. (laughter) am i soiling your pulitzer. (laughter) i'm getting a little tarnish on your pulitzer. >> please don't say "soil." (laughter) as a favor. >> jon: you give as good as you get there. >> as a favor, baby. and then skwrofr son responded by saying he declined to have his reputation slandered by a man for whom history from the moment history could stoop to notice him-- with hamilton, who was an illegitimate child-- had not only received his -- received him into the country but had heaped his honors on his head. and all that hamilton had done to repay for this was to issue a tissue of machinations against the liberty of the country. >> jon: wow! >> so it was fun. i know that we think -- >> the snaps that these guys delivered! (laughter) on each other. >> it was good. >> jon: th
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
you. it's been a very wet, cold day. chilly weather brought snow in mount hamilton in the south bay. one inch of snow fell at the 4,000 foot elevation level. workers say this could lead to the closure of roads leading up to the summit. sÑ 4mz spotted in lower ol pictures sent to you reports!$0 by a fewer, high sierra they saw real impact from the storm. a foot snafl of snow fell overnight this, is a look at highway 50 sanlda patel has a look at how long the weather might last. >> a little bit longer. it is happening. this is a time we take1uq+ bragging rights here, we call for the possibility and snow here in local peaks. we've gotten it. we have now just start to see showers developing around the area. this is very light returns here. and i'll show you what it looks like. it's been snowing in parts of the bay area. take a look here, i'm slowing it down. you can see mount hamilton area, pink indicating a mix of rain and snow. they've seen snow already down towards monterey bay, we're seeing snow. we have snow in mountains north of lake county. and this has been going on since last
Nov 10, 2012 12:00am PST
we'll show you where we are seeing the moisture. this is the mount hamilton area where you are seeing a mix precipitation. this is the mount hamilton area, and they are picking up the mix precipitation as we pan around to other parts of the bay area. some snow being reported near the big sur mountains and mixing in with rain. your temperatures are going down 6 degrees shy of freezing in santa rosa where it is 38 degrees. that make sense. the north bay valley and mountains from 2:00 a.m. and salinas valley covered by that. low to mid30s in the coldest inland valleys. sensitive plants may be damaged. i'll be back with a full look at your weekend forecast to let you know when you can put your umbrellas away and thaw out. >>> 5* quiet neighborhood was rattled by murder. a woman was found dead in her home and police are looking for her husband, troy edward dasi nzo. and now the latest on this developing investigation. >> neighbors have been coming by this makeshift memorial all night. they say huey is a pretty -- they say he is a pretty mellow guy. but they are looking at what happened bet
Nov 6, 2012 6:30pm EST
hamilton county. cincinnati is part of hamilton county. cincinnati is predominantly, a major black, but the area around cincinnati is white and it had been 40 years since any linden johnson, since any president had won hamilton county. that is the key county: the president doesn't do as well as the republican in rural counties but he cut into some of those margins. the key for him is cuyahoga, which is cleveland. he has to come out of there about 300,000 votes to make up for the rest of the state. >> fox 5 political analyst, mark, we thank you for your time tonight. >>> coming up on the 20-minute mark, brian, the polls will close in the commonwealth of virginia . >>> there are several big issues on the ballot in maryland. question four, maryland's version of the dream act. question six, the civil marriage action and the gambling expansion referendum. lauren demarco is live at a polling station. they close at 8:00 there. how's the last-minute turnout? >> reporter: it was busy. folks got off of work and in is looks like the line is moving inside in laurel here, they have 2800 eligibl
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2012 9:00pm EST
what happens in hamilton county, cincinnati. neil: uprising. that went to barack about 04 years ago and shocked everyone and made the race of a point. >> again, we are watching. this governor battling hard against what are some extraordinarily difficult empirical realities and economic realities, and that is, the dependence, the culture of dependency, and denied using this as a pejorative but a statement of fact. these states, nearly every one of these battleground states, the true battleground states heart so permeated with federal programs and dependency on federal programs, we can talk about pennsylvania. we were talking with bent pins. oh, yes. energy will be a big deal. energy, well, i better rephrase what i was about to say. energy does not amount to much. and the fact of the matter is those federal entitlement programs amount to a great deal. we have to have an understanding , a realistic understanding of the part of the republican party about the power of that. there is no question that the democratic party understands it. as much as the republicans and conservatives may hav
Nov 7, 2012 6:00am PST
cleared, good news. san jose southbound 17 past hamilton overturn blocking right lane there. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on time. waze app the free traffic app, highway 80 to the bay bridge highway 24 looks like a stopped car on the shoulder reported. great app to help you maneuver around if you you are headed out for your commute it is available free on the app store and google play. >>> 6:02. you have spoken, president obama is waking up this morning having secured a second four year term as commander in chief. women, young voters and minors helped lead him to victory. spoke to the nation last night in chicago. president whether i earned your vote or not. i have listened to you i have learned from you and you have made me a better president. >> following his remarks first lady and daughters joined the president on stage with vice president biden and his wife. mitt romney conceded last night before the president's spoke. he backed on to the take in boston alone and thanks his supporters and voters. stay with the abc7 morning news coming up, we go live to chicago for a wrap o
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am PST
there braving the cold. we've got snow coming down high atop mt. hamilton. also mt. diablo picking up a mix of rain and snow. here's the kicker, temperatures are not at their coldest for the morning. they're going to continue to drop off the next couple hours and we're already at 36 degrees in places like santa rosa, 37 in novato and 41 in sonoma. so we're expecting more of that rain/snow mixture down to potentially 2,000 feet here in the bay area. showers will continue as we head throughout the day. we'll track those, time them out to your doorstep, let you know what the weekend will hold. a little bit of a change just ahead. 6:03. first let's get you out that front door. >> the note from the overnight rains, watch those slick conditions, potential for spinouts. 880, we just saw a lot of lights just go ahead and leave the area at the high street offramp. with overnight construction on the surface street itself, it looks like your travel moves smoothly. again, high street if you're heading through the area. 92 westbound there's construction at hisperian and we just saw that change from yell
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
, probably we'll be looking at hamilton county, which is a cincinnati suburb. barack obama was the first democrat to carry hamilton county since 1964. he doesn't need to win hamilton county by the margin he won in 2008. barack obama was the first democrat since '64 to carry hamilton county. if the president gets close to his margin in 2008, even if he carries hamilton narrowly, that will be a good sign for the president's prospects in ohio. >> what about virginia? what's the county to watch? >> i think the hot counties are probably -- everyone knows the inner d.c. suburbs, arlington. but it's the next ring of counties beyond those d.c. metro areas. loudoun and prince william. counties that barack obama won pretty much close to a statewide margin in 2008. if the president gets close to his 2008 margins in those counties, that's a good sign for the president winning virginia. >> and hillsborough county in the tampa area of florida, how pivotal is this and a good indicator for the state? >> funny enough, we're picking counties that comport to the statewide vote. hillsborough is in the tampa
Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
integrates the idea that the lower branches democratic in the upper bridge more aristocratic in hamilton's words of our branch will branch will represent the mass of the people and the rich and well born. these two groups are kind of conflicted with each other, so the checks and and balances between them. and also with mm political squabbles. they want to have somebody to send above all that. a nonpartisan who is somehow immune and two other kind of political hanky-panky that goes along. so that's why they insist that it has to be free. you cannot be chosen by congress and particularly they can get rid of them at any moment. morris says you have to look at the whole picture here. all these issues are connected. if congress chooses the president, that's why you have to have a one term president because it is chosen by congress and congress gets to read shoes and reaches, the president in order to stay in office has to court congress. so you have to have a nonrepeatable president. either way, i'm using the word president a little prematurely. they'll come on august 6. so if it's nonrepeata
Nov 9, 2012 5:00am PST
time we get snow high atop mt. hamilton and snow levels drop to 3500, 4000 feet. right now more of a mix of rain and snow but we did get a dusting for about 15 to 20 minutes. now look at this, your temperatures this morning are chilly. we haven't seen the 30s in four months across the bay area and they're back this morning. look at santa rosa. 3 degrees above freezing here. you're 37 in petaluma and 37 degrees to start in novato. meanwhile san jose is even at 46 degrees. so what you need to know for the rest of the day? we're fair game for these on and off spotty showers. in addition to mountain thunderstorms, we'll break all that down for you and you made it to friday. your weekend forecast coming up in moments. right now we'll send it back to you guys. >>> you know the rain and cold not stopping dozens of families from spending the night outdoors in san jose. they're actually braving the cold weather right now in hopes of feeling a little holiday warmth later this month. christie smith is live outside sacred heart community service center with the story for us this morning. go
Nov 8, 2012 4:30am PST
of mt. hamilton so very slick conditions. if you're planning to tahoe make sure you have those chains or four-wheel drive ready to go. we stop the clock at noon. showers starting to spread south of san francisco into san mateo and also into the east bay so take that umbrella on the way out the front door. we'll start to see that front move into the south bay. san jose getting showers about 2:00 p.m. we'll have quite a bit of activity through the overnight showers. tomorrow morning count on slick conditions. tomorrow morning is the best chance for seeing that snow on mt. hamilton. as we head throughout the second half of your day, and saturday morning we clear you out. we hit 92 in gilroy. yes, it was a very warm tuesday in gilroy. as we head throughout your thursday, we're talking about the 50s. 59 degrees. so from the 90s to the 50s, that's pretty dramatic. make sure you're ready for that. 58 in fremont and 59 in san francisco today. we keep on dropping off as we head into friday and saturday because behind that front the very cold air trails behind and that's going to settle in and
Nov 9, 2012 4:30am PST
on hamilton, better chance tonight. the low is coming towards us, as it does, it is going to kickoff more showers and thunderstorms. this low is the break from this morning into the early afternoon. cool temperatures, mainly 40s through 7:00, partly cloudy low to mid 50s noon showers back by 4:00 especially during the evening look how chilly upper 40s to 50 for evening. saturday, sunday, monday, drying trend, back into the 60s by monday away from the coast. >>> good morning. wet roads the culprit this morning give yourself extra time, bay bridge a little busy, no delays into san francisco, no metering lights there. wet roads on the san mateo bridge, headlights headed eastbound towards hayward tail lights towards foster city, clear, san jose northbound 87 past hp pavillion, light, wet. can't stress to take your time, flooding westbound 580 north livermore that accident cleared out of lanes. start starting to slow a little out of central valley up and over the altamont pass. accident southbound 80 ramp to 280 in san jose not blocking lanes off to the right. >>> folks watch that flooding esp
Nov 4, 2012 10:00pm EST
to be cctholic." viiee of the homily was taken declined comment to us, as rence well.joseph hamilton, st. vvncent de paul parishoner: 10.42 "i had no idea whattthe &pi figured it'd be something." maureen daley, st. viicent de paul parishoner: .17 "it was a kind, compassionate, thoughtful and baltimorees archbishop wrote an open letter addressing the permon.he wrote, "preaching the word of god requiies subordinntion of personal views..." archbishop william lori ccnttnued, "thhs was my as ittis he promise of every priest at his ordination."sara kelley, gay catholic: 14.55 "the hierarchh or aal i care-- they're never going to suppoot this, i don't think. at leest millioos of dollars have bbenn spent on bbth sides.(white opposiiion coming from faith-based groups.(nat of 'no on 6' ad)parishoners at st. &pviicenttde paul stood in support of father lawrencc sunday morning.joseph hamilton, st. vincent de paul &pparishoner::9.36 "that process of going beyond your that's very moving."jim ater, gillece,,st. vvncent deepaul parishoner: 4.42 "it's great to see that we can still be catholics and maintain h
Nov 7, 2012 6:30am EST
to back victories here in hamilton county. he won here in hamilton county 51% to 46% for a romney making it it third time they selected a democrat in a presidential election. the president had an early edge due to early voting. early on last night with 19% of the votes reported here, obama was up nearly 57% over mitt romney's 42%. and, of course, it did all come down to ohio. president obama surpassed the 270 electoral votes with the victory here in the buckeye state. >> reporter: i am in cleveland and we were ready for an all nighter but didn't need it. ohio was called for the president before midnight. now both campaigns spent major time and money here in northeast ohio and around the state for that matter. but in the end just like four years ago, the president took the state 18 electoral votes. you know why that is, too. thanks to associated press exit polls you know the president's bail out of the auto industry had something to do with it as well as backing from unions and blue color workers here in the buckeye state. another interesting fact 7 in 10 people still think the economy is
Nov 11, 2012 5:30am PST
as a world-class city with world-class art and culture. for more information, visit ♪ >> welcome to hamilton recreation and aquatics center. it is the only facility that has an integrated swimming pool and recreation center combined. we have to pools, the city's water slide, for little kids and those of you that are more daring and want to try the rockslide, we have a drop slide. >> exercises for everybody. hi have a great time. the ladies and guys that come, it is for the community and we really make it fun. people think it is only for those that play basketball or swim. >> i have been coming to the pool for a long time now. it is nice, they are sweet. >> in the aquatics center, they are very committed to combining for people in san francisco. and also ensuring that they have public safety. >> there are a lot of different personalities that come through here and it makes it very exciting all the time. they, their family or teach their kids have a swim. >> of the gem is fantastic, there is an incredible program going on there, both of my girls have learned to swim there. it is a fantastic pl
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
the moisture. this is the mount hamilton area where you are seeing a mix precipitation. this is the mount hamilton area, and they are picking up the mix precipitation as we pan around to other parts of the bay area. some snow being reported near the big sur mountains and mixing in with rain. your temperatures are going down 6 degrees shy of freezing in santa rosa where it is 38 degrees. that makes sense. the north bay valley and mountains from 2:00 a.m. and salinas valley covered by that. low to mid30s in the coldest inland valleys. sensitive plants may be damaged. i'll be back with a full look at your weekend forecast to let you know when you can put your umbrellas away and thaw out. >>> 5* quiet neighborhood was rattled by murder. a woman was found dead in her home and police are looking for her husband, troy edward dasi nzo. and now the latest on this developing investigation. >> neighbors have been coming by this makeshift memorial all night. they say huey is a pretty -- they say he is a pretty mellow guy. but they are looking at what happened between he and his wife and how she ended
Nov 9, 2012 11:30pm PST
there right now. here is san jose, this is live storm tracker 2 up around mount hamilton we have rain showers. the main showers have moved to the south. we're going to start to dry out. with that said temperatures are going to cool off. they were mild today. these were the daytime highs. 57 in livermores highs tomorrow will be milder. the story going forward is how cool it's going to be or cold it's going to be overnight tonight. as we go into tomorrow, temperatures are going to warm but not much. mostly in the 50s and very low 60s. those are the green areas, low 60s and upper 50s. cool day tomorrow. overnight lows though freezing. when we come back we'll talk all about that. we'll look at saturday and sunday. and in the five day forecast a chance for more showers i'll see you back here. >>> fans of the twilight saga are already camping out for next week's premier of the final film. hundreds of so called twihart set up tents. they're camping out for a chance to see the stars of the film arrive for the premier on monday of breaking dawn part 2. organizers say they expect more than 2,000 people
Nov 6, 2012 6:30am EST
was held middle school students at a charter school in hamilton have been studying the issues and debating and then voting. when the ballots were counted president obama won by a landslide. >> because it's the future because it involves us and because our parents make a decision but at the end of the day it affects of the students supported same sex marriage which is question 6 but it came to expanded gambling, the kids were actually evenly split 51% for question 7 and 79% against it. >>> election day is considered a city holiday. that means trash and recycling will not be collected today. saturday november 10th is the makeup days for the areas regularly scheduled for tuesday. and there will be no street sweeping. parking meters as you would guess are in effect. >>> 6:33 right now. and police are hoping that you can help them identify somebody who was caught robbing a bank. they have a picture and we will share it. they are looking for this guy. they say he robbed the bb and t bank on bel air road in fallston yesterday morning. you can see the guy dressed as construction worker who got awa
Nov 10, 2012 9:30pm CST
. hinrich left the game in the second quarter, a hip injury, did not return. rip hamilton finds joakim noah and he gets the jam. jo had 17. then the three-pointers began to fall as hamilton, he drains it, gives the bulls a 4-point lead right there. hamilton had 12. but the best was yet to come from marco belinelli. he had a pair of three's in the fourth quarter. the bulls win it 87-80. they were 6 from 13 from behind the arc that's 26%. the bulls, 4-2. >> our bench was ready, i thought they came in, they gave us a big lift and every night, there will be someone different. you know, we have to do it collectively, we've got to make the ball move, we have to make bodies move, then we've got to get stops and we have to rebound. >> meantime college hoops, mike barea of notre dame got a stiff test. jack cooley led the way for the irish. cooley had 19. the irish would break the press on this play as scott martin makes his only basket of the game, a big one. he was 1 for 6 an easy one there. notre dame wins it by a score
Nov 10, 2012 6:00pm EST
, hamilton. those would probably be the top four. c-span: what were their relationships with women? >> guest: well, jefferson is probably the one whose relationships with women are--his are most thoroughly documented. he had a--his wife died when he was young, and he had very close relationships with his daughters, with whom he exchanged a voluminous correspondence, which is now all published. and he had a great interest in their well-being and that their education, that they married well and so on. so yeah, he's certainly someone who deserves a--you know, whose writing on this is--has--is one of the most important sources. c-span: one of the things i noted is you mentioned abigail adams, john adams' wife. and i wanted to ask you what's in the famous 'remember the ladies' to her husband--letter or what was that? >> guest: letter, yes. c-span: and why did you use that here? >> guest: well, this is a letter where she writes to john adams right at the moment of the declaration of ince. and she says, 'please, when you make your new laws for this new country, remember the ladies, and don't allow
FOX Business
Nov 5, 2012 4:00pm EST
in an electoral college format. david: by the way, hamilton county, the most important county, if so goes, if as goes ohio, so goes the nation, hamilton county is even more of that. >> well, those of us who study ohio which i've been a lot of time in ohio, hamilton county by its demographic should be largely democratic. it's, it's overweighted to people of color. it's, more of a blue-collar state. timkin roller bearings are --. david: but in 2004. >> in 2004 the economy in hamilton county wasn't so bad we saw george w. win. in '08, i think the three of us would have beaten mccain in hamilton county. i didn't run. i didn't run. david: some way day you will. >> no. i keep coming on the show. david: tomorrow night you will be here. >> my nerves can't stand it. i sit home alone on the couch with my dogs and watch alone. liz: we'll call you. we'll e-mail. leo hindery. at&t broadband under his belt. tci. big businessman. how he feels. david: thanks, leo. as we've been telling you for weeks coal stocks have been popping directly to mitt romney in the campaign, but could all energy stocks do well
Nov 19, 2012 12:00pm PST
and hamilton. he believed that you could talk about tomorrow in a way that would inspire people and push them ahead. slavery was something that because it made his own life possible in so many ways he simply could not find a way to marshall the political will to reform the institution. so he gave up. and my view of the moral utility of history, a rather grand phrase after schoolhouse rock is is that instead of feeling self-righteous in retrospect, we could use the failings of the past to inform our own moral antenna for our own age and make sure that posterity doesn't have a lot to criticize us for. >> i wonder, john, are we aware enough, are people today aware enough of the failings of a jefferson and george washington and any of the founding fathers because we grow up and lionize the founding fathers. especially in the tea party era people show up as their favorite founding fathers. do we grapple enough with their shortcomin shortcomings? >> are you suggesting there's anything odd about dressing like finding father? no, i think part of the reason i do what i do and when i do these books is
Nov 5, 2012 2:00am PST
at really early and say, it gives me a sense about the night has gone. >> hamilton county, ohio, cincinnati, where four years ago, president obama was the first democrat in a long time to win the state -- hamilton county. if he is doing well there, or wins hamilton county, i think he likely wins ohio. so that is one place i'll be looking for. >> chris: karl, your sense of how long a night it will be and also, give me a place you will be looking. you'll be with me at our cowboys desk. what will you be looking at early. >> i'll be looking at the early states to see the difference between, say indiana and virginia with where -- and ken take where the president was four years ago and where he is today but i think jeff is absolutely right. i'll look not only at hamilton but, also, then -- >> in ohio. >> -- ohio and clairmount, warren, butler and, the more rural counties in the state and, the ex-urban counties, around cleveland and columbus to find out. >> chris: joe. >> ohio will be everything and whoever wins ohio is going to win the thing, i think we'll actually have indications from hamilton
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2012 4:00pm EST
jobs market. the ceo of drexel hamilton joining us with a look at their battle plan to help veterans get back to work. sandra: forget coupons. one struggling department store is depending on buttons this holiday season. huh? will it be enough to entice shoppers to the stores? that is ahead in today's speed read. music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors who get ere i'm from. and tools to estimate what my care may cost. so i never missed a beat. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doinger this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. sandr
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
enough for mt. hamilton snow by friday. we go from the 80s and the 50s to chilly showers. if you like the warm temperatures, the first three days are fine. thursday and friday. >> the heater comes on in the morning and by the afternoon we are wearing flip flops again. >> it's true. the house tries to dress in layers too. >> tonight you have a good excuse to get an extra hour of sleep as rob mentioned. it is the end of daylight savings time. it ends officially at 2:00 tomorrow morning. before you go to bed tonight, set your clocks back an hour and check the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon mo nox i'd detectors. the last remaining space shuttle has finally made it to its new home. atlantis traveled nearly ten miles through the kennedy space center complex. from tampa bay, we see the orbiter's final journey. >> atlantis left the building where the space shift was detached to a fuel tank and rocket boosters. sitting on a transporter, it traveled along at two miles an hour, destination the kennedy visitor complex. the new home and new mission. >> it is my sincere hope that one
Nov 9, 2012 9:00pm PST
moved on land. take a look at this east of san jose over the mount hamilton area. mixed precipitation because the air is really cold so some snow mixing in with some of the precipitation there. farther south down in the big sur mountains down near soledad and greenfield you can see a little bit of snow in the higher elevation there. showers down below and offshore pocket of shower activity a lot of cold air coming our way right now temperatures drop to the 40's in many locations around the bay area. we'll see low 30's in some spots before this night is over. frost advisory in effect for the north bay valley and mountains and the southern valley 2 to 8:00 a.m. see low temperatures in the mid 30's. low to mid 30's. sensitive plants may damaged by the cold. i'll have closer look more details a little bit later. >> thank you. see you shortly. >> oakland city leaders are frantically trying to hold off the appointment of a federal receiver designed to implement reform in the police departmen department. those reforms came out of a settlement in 2003 from the infamous ryder trial you
Nov 6, 2012 1:00pm EST
would watch hamilton county in ohio, the home of cincinnati. this is a county that george bush won in 2004, barack obama in 2008. a pretty good bellwether. if governor romney is winning there, we know he will be very competitive. he has a shot to win ohio and therefore a shot to win the presidency. if president obama is carrying hamilton again, that will be indicative of a good night for the democrats. in virginia, i would keep an eye on their backs county, the big county in northern virginia. home to probably a fifth of the state's residents. president obama should win fairfax, but it is the question of the margin. if governor romney can cut into that margin, he has a good chance to carry the commonwealth. >> do you have your eye on any other specific states? >> ohio and virginia will be very telling. florida has a few counties on the pan and lower the polls do not close until one hour later. as we recall from the famous 2000 presidential elections, it is a cliche, but that interstate 4 corridor is important. keep an eye on hillsboro. like hamilton county in ohio, a good bellwethe
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Nov 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
at early and say, this gives me a sense in. >> hamilton county, ohio, cincinnati, where four years ago, obottomma was the first in the in a long time to win hamilton. if he is doing well or win there is, i think he likely wins ohio. looking for. >> chris: karl, your sense of how long a night it's going to be? and give me a place you are going to be looking? you are going to be with me back there at our space cowboys desk. what you are looking at? >> i will be looking at the early states to see the difference between indiana and virginia, with where the president was four years ago and where he is today. but i think jeff's absolutely right. i am looking not only at hamilton, but also then-- >>> ohio. >> but also, clair mounted, warren, butler, these counties in southwest ojaio and some of the more rural counties in the state and the ex-urban around cleveland and columbus. >> i think ohio will be everything. i think whoever wins ohio will win t. i think we will have an indication from hamilton and the other counties karl's talked about that we will be looking at with you that will tell u
Nov 18, 2012 11:35pm PST
unidos, primera carrera de fÓrmula 1 en territorio americano desde el 2007. luis hamilton de gran bretaÑa ganÓ la carrera y el mexicano checo pÉrez 2erterminÓ en la dÉa primera posiciÓn. nery castillo quien tuvo problemas con jorge vergara se burlÓ de la eliminacion del rebaÑo sagrado, hasta aquÍ la informaciÓn depor tiva que tengn muy buenas noches, fÉlix. >>> ahora se puede viajar en bicicleta por el mundo, sin tener que salir a la calle, le diremos ¿cÓmo?. a ftravÉs de una versiÓn tri tridimensional el mentor dice que el producto fue creado hasta
Nov 9, 2012 11:00am PST
. snow on the peaks of mount hamilton and mount diablo. quite an active storm for early november, and it packed a lot into a small amount of time. and of course, now it's beautiful outside. weather in the bay area just changes just like that. the power came on at 10:26, and we heard people say, this makes you release that you take your power for granted. >> amy, thank you. and the same system is bringing fresh snow to the sierra. up if south lake tahoe. there's snow earlier, and drivers are required to carry chains though, and let's look at the conditions in truckee early this morning. a similar situation on i-80. traffic having to move slowly due to snow and wet roads, so our colder temperatures or showers in the form of rain or snow on the way. mike, wha what do you see. >> the key is on the way, and they're not here right now. that's good news for your lunchtime plans. good morning, here's doppler 7 hd. you see the low humidity and the clouds, and the pertain has stabilized overnight thanks to all of those showers and thunderstorms. here's how much rain we have had. santa rose
Nov 24, 2012 11:00pm PST
-old matthew hamilton was taken to the hospital for treatment. he does not have to have life- threatening but alcohol believe it is a factor. this was reported women officers got your the of this red pickup truck the dangling of the overpass. it was hanging just by the 2 back tigers. the rescue team used a fire truck and a basket. >> they brought the letter to the door and opened it and cut the seat belt and everything and they brought that-latter. he climbed into the basket and the firefighters helped them. >> that was carole and the called the crane to remove the truck from the overpass. >> at least 42 structures are destroyed after a strip club in massachusetts. at least eight people were injured but amazingly, no one was killed this was shortly after a gas leak was called after a possible leak. they shut off the gas soon after they arrived and the apache with the buildings. it blew up, soon after. >> i could feel the garbage cans and i could even see the windows and i knew where it came from. >> these three buildings are condemned and this city of springfield are setting up a shelter
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